Take The Right Steps To End Your Marriage With Dignity

Get thorough explanations and compassionate guidance from a board-certified family law specialist.

Searching For a Way to End Your Marriage With Dignity?

If you are searching for a way to end your marriage, you have more options for resolving your problems than you might think. Attorney Linda J. Miller is a board-certified family law specialist and can explain all of your options in a comprehensive manner.

For more than 30 years, Linda Miller has been representing families like yours in Columbus, Ohio, and throughout Franklin County. She works hard toward settlements that promote goodwill rather than those that add stress to a family during an already difficult time. She also seeks to use alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible.

Alternatives To Divorce Litigation


Working toward resolutions through mediated conversations

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Collaborative Divorce

Providing alternative options to contested divorce

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Negotiated Settlements

Finding common ground during settlement negotiations

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Neutral Consultations

Providing trustworthy guidance without fear of judgment

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Private Judging

Making neutral decisions to resolve matters for disputing parties

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More Than 30 Years Of Family Law Experience On Your Side

Compassionate Counsel You Can Trust

Attorney Linda Miller provides a broad range of legal services related to all aspects of divorce, and she is equipped to handle any family law matter, including contested and uncontested divorce, property division disputes, child custody and support issues, and much more.

Not sure if you are ready to undertake divorce at this time? Linda Miller is well-versed in the creation and execution of separation agreements as well.

You will appreciate the positive, thoughtful guidance you receive from attorney Linda Miller. She prides herself on her compassion, attention to detail, thoroughness and ability to find common ground when resolving legal matters. Your best interests are her top concern.