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Compassionate Family Law Counsel for Your Ohio Family

Are you contemplating separation or divorce? Are you determined to end your marriage with dignity, rather than in a contentious courtroom setting?

Linda J. Miller, Attorney at Law, can help. For more than 20 years, she has helped numerous Ohio clients make informed decisions about their futures. She is a co-founder of the Collaborative Divorce Professionals in Columbus. You can trust her to protect your rights in all family law matters.

Her full-service divorce and family law firm can be contacted by phone or by e-mail. Schedule your initial consultation toll-free at 888-475-6218.

Linda J. Miller, Attorney at Law in Columbus

You can benefit from Linda Miller's broad range of family law legal services, such as:

Linda Miller is a Board Certified Family law Specialist. She places special focus on mediation and collaborative approaches to family problems. You will appreciate the understated, thoughtful ways in which she represents your interests.

If you are seeking an uncontested, contested or high net worth divorce and want to end your marriage with dignity, contact lawyer Linda J. Miller today.

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