Spousal Support

Spousal support lawyer, alimony law attorney, in Columbus, Ohio

When you are in the process of separation and  divorce, the issues to be considered as you end the marriage relationship can seem overwhelming.  Spousal support (formerly called “alimony”) is one of those important issues.  Linda J. Miller is a family law attorney with a depth of experience in addressing and resolving spousal support issues for clients throughout Central Ohio.

Of all the issues associated with ending a marriage, spousal support can be the most challenging.  This is because the amount and length of spousal support is primarily within the discretion of the judge assigned to the case.  While there are general guidelines by statute in Ohio, the best predictor of the range of possibilities for spousal support orders is an attorney experienced in representing the interests of clients facing spousal support issues before Ohio courts.

Linda Miller can assist a client in need of spousal support by identifying his or her financial needs and obligations after the marriage ends, considering the tax effects of paying or receiving spousal support, and preparing a persuasive argument to present to the court.

Some divorcing parties believe that their spouse is hiding assets or income in contemplation of a divorce.  Linda Miller has experience in assisting her clients in protecting their rights through formal discovery such as depositions, interrogatories, requests for documents, requests for admissions, and subpoenas to individuals or entities who may have information necessary to protect her client’s rights. When you hire Linda Miller to represent you in your divorce, you can count on her to zealously advocate for your interests.

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