Step-parent Adoptions

Are You Considering a Step-Parent Adoption in Central Ohio?

A step-parent adoption may be necessary because a birth parent died, became imprisoned, or abused or ignored his or her parental rights. There are many issues to explore, and precise steps that should be taken in these cases and it is crucial to get the advice of an experienced attorney if you are a step-parent considering adoption.

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Compassionate Counsel for Your Step-Parent Adoption

Executing a step-parent adoption will require terminating the parental rights of the biological father or mother. This is usually followed by a voluntary transfer of parental rights or court order to terminate parental rights. Termination of parental rights can be a complicating factor because it is the last legal determination of the matter. It is considered final and irrevocable.

Linda Miller's 20-plus years of experience with family law and adoption cases has connected her to many step-parents who seek to adopt children. She is a caring, conscientious family lawyer who can assist with all necessary steps of the detailed step-parent adoption legal process — eligibility requirements, processing of paperwork and termination of parental rights.

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