Alternatives To Contested Divorce

Are You Seeking Alternatives to Contested Divorce in Ohio?

A divorcing couple’s heated disagreements over child custody, child support, spousal support and property division can wind up being aired in a courtroom — at considerable financial and emotional expense. You can use the compassion and knowledge of attorney Linda J. Miller to avoid this battleground, and the bleak future that often follows. For more than 30 years, Board Certified Family Law Specialist, Linda J. Miller has successfully pursued alternatives to contested divorce for her clients.

If a middle ground can be found on legal issues that affect you and your children, attorney Linda J. Miller will work hard to find it. She will begin by helping you to identify the things you and your spouse can agree on.  For the more challenging issues, she will use her skills and experience to help you identify creative options for resolution. 

 Contested divorce does not have to be the way you end your marital relationship. A number of alternatives exist that can help you to end your marriage with dignity, and set an example for your children. Contact Linda J. Miller’s respected family law office today, toll-free, at 888-475-6218.

Our Certified Family Law Specialist Focuses on What You Can Agree On

Linda Miller works hard to achieve the kind of common ground you can build on, with legal methods such as:

As you contemplate divorce, you should consider all of your options for moving forward:  Should you and your spouse work with a neutral mediator who will facilitate discussions between you and your spouse?  Should you and your spouse participate in a collaborative process with the help of two attorneys with expertise in collaborative divorce law?  Should you hire a divorce litigator to take your matters to court?  Can you and your spouse work things out without attorneys?  Can an attorney help you to negotiate or create a proposal? 


Attorney Linda J. Miller can assist you to find the right process for you before you head down the wrong path, leading to an inefficient and frustrating process at great expense.  Linda Miller will clearly and carefully spell out every workable option and alternative available to you. You can trust her many years of experience, legal skills and client commitment to help get the results you deserve.

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