Child Custody And Visitation

Child Custody and Visitation

When a marriage ends and children are involved, the transition can be traumatic and stressful for everybody involved.  Child custody attorney Linda J. Miller is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist and has a depth of experience representing individuals seeking custody of their children.  She assists her clients in understanding the process for obtaining or changing legal custody of children.

Linda Miller also assists clients who seek visitation or shared parenting orders.  She represents and counsels clients who are being denied visitation of their children. Linda Miller has practiced law in Central Ohio for over 30 years.  The sole focus of her practice is family law, including child custody and visitation.

When children from present or previous marriages or from blended families are in the middle of their parents’ or step-parents’ divorce, unique legal issues often arise.  When parties try sorting out these issues on their own, tempers and frustrations often escalate to further complicate the important custody and visitation issues.

Linda Miller understands the questions and concerns of her clients facing the challenges involved when parents fight over child custody or visitation.  Family law attorney Linda Miller provides personalized services to her clients and works closely with them in an effort to achieve the best child custody and visitation arrangements for their families.

Linda Miller is a compassionate advocate for her clients and has had extensive experience appearing before and trying cases in family law courts throughout Central Ohio.  When an experienced family law trial lawyer is called for, Linda Miller works hard to prepare for court competently and with the goal of achieving the results her client wants.

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