When a marriage ends and children are involved, or when a child is born to unwed parents, the need arises for certain decisions to be made as to how the children will be supported.  Attorney Linda J. Miller is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist who has years of experience representing Central Ohio clients in issues related to child support.

In Ohio, child support is calculated based on a statutory formula.  The formula includes items such as the incomes of the parties, the number of children, certain tax and social security calculations, and the cost of health insurance and work-related childcare necessary for the children.  The amount determined by the formula is referred to as “guideline child support.”

While Ohio law presumes that guideline child support is in the best interest of the children, a court can be persuaded to increase or decrease the amount of support, depending upon the facts and circumstances.  Clients who feel that guideline child support is unjust under their particular circumstances need a competent attorney with years of experience representing clients in matters of child support.

After a marriage ends, circumstances may change, causing the need to modify an existing child support order.  Attorney Linda Miller has the experience necessary to assist clients in understanding and determining whether modification of child support is appropriate at any given point in time.

You can expect competent representation and years of experience representing clients facing issues similar to yours.

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