Modifying Custody Or Support Orders

Modifying Custody or Support Orders

Many provisions of a divorce decree are not etched in stone. When a former spouse is downsized, dismissed or laid off; when a sudden illness or injury leads to an accumulation of medical bills; when a business transfer or remarriage causes a parental relocation, you may need modifications of the child custody, child support or spousal support portions of your court order.

Linda J. Miller, Attorney at Law in Columbus, works to protect your rights during discussions of post-decree modifications. Linda Miller has made it her mission to help Ohio families before, during and after divorce. She has served people just like you with compassionate counsel for more than 30 years.

Don’t hesitate to speak with Linda Miller when lifestyle changes require revisions to your divorce agreement. Contact her full-service Columbus family law office to arrange an initial consultation.

When Changes Are Needed, Linda J. Miller Can Help

When your personal or economic circumstances change, current provisions in your divorce or dissolution order may need to change with them. Major reasons for post-judgment modification include:

  • Child Custody & Visitation — resulting from new needs for the developing child or changes to a parent’s career, residence or lifestyle
  • Child Support — caused by changing educational or health care needs, or significant changes in a parent’s financial circumstances
  • Spousal Support — stemming from job loss or serious health problems that lead to financial duress

As your lawyer, Linda Miller will act in your best interests to mediate, negotiate or aggressively litigate the revisions you need. If you are dealing with a former spouse’s failure to pay, she can actively seek enforcement of divorce obligations.

Linda Miller has the experience, dedication and client commitment that can get results for you. Contact her by phone or by e-mail to discuss your modification issues.