Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Law Can Help You End Your Marriage With Dignity

Are you seriously looking for alternatives to a contested divorce? Using the collaborative law process could be the means to reaching a lasting agreement with your spouse without going to court.

A divorce negotiated through a collaborative process is often referred to as a “win-win divorce” because the process centers around meeting the highest goals and interests of both parties.  If you use a collaborative process, you, your spouse, and both attorneys will commit to resolving all contested issues without going to court.

Attorney Linda J. Miller has extensive training and experience settling divorce cases and keeping her clients out of court.  She is a Board-Certified Family Law Specialist and is also a co-founder of an association in central Ohio of collaborative attorneys and other collaborative professionals, known as the Central Ohio Association of Collaborative Divorce Professionals.  

Using the collaborative divorce process, Linda and your spouse’s attorney will assist you and your spouse to negotiate your issues through a series of meetings in a comfortable, supportive and safe atmosphere that promotes respectful and candid discussions leading to consensus.  You will be encouraged to openly air your feelings about current disagreements and how you picture your post-divorce life.   Linda will be by your side at every meeting to guide you through a process designed to help you reach full resolution without going to court. If you and your spouse agree, you may work with other professionals, such as a neutral financial expert, for wide-ranging discussions of divorce goals and solutions that work for both parties.  Linda will safeguard your interests throughout these exchanges.



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Important ways that Linda J. Miller’s experienced collaborative law practice can work for you include:

  • It can result in less stress.
  • It can resolve your differences in a more cost efficient manner.
  • It gives you the power over your own decisions.
  • It gives you a voice in the process.
  • It encourages open, rational discussion.
  • It establishes a tone of teamwork for your future.
  • It encourages a spirit of cooperation.

A definitive conclusion to your divorce could await you in a courtroom — but so could heartbreak and needless expense. You can avoid that tension and friction, and still have an attorney there to protect your rights by using the collaborative law approach. Your rights and your interests will be protected in what many clients find to be a more positive and optimistic setting.

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