The Collaborative Process

How You Can Benefit from the Collaborative Process

While many people do not find the process of divorce enjoyable, the collaborative process can help to make it tolerable — and allow you to end your marriage with the dignity it deserves. Experienced family law attorney Linda J. Miller can show you how.If you doubt the power of the collaborative process, consider the alternative: a court making your decisions for you; an atmosphere of mistrust carried over into future dealings; increased financial costs and emotional tolls; innocent children caught in the middle of your disputes.

You can avoid these worst-case scenarios, starting today. You can be in a position to look back on your divorce with pride, rather than shame. Find out more about how the collaborative process can help smooth your path to a more secure future. Contact the Columbus family law office of Linda J. Miller today. Call toll-free at 888-475-6218 or e-mail her for an initial consultation.

Attorney Linda J. Miller — Helping Families Like Yours For More Than 20 Years

As your lawyer, Linda Miller uses the collaborative process to reach consensus on divorce issues; to find a middle ground based on what you can agree on, as opposed to what you cannot.

You and your spouse will be represented by counsel, but not in a high-pressure, contentious way. You are encouraged to openly air your feelings about current disagreements and how you picture your post-divorce life. Specific topics are usually major issues such as child support and child custody, spousal support and property division.

These candid, confidential exchanges serve to put all goals and grievances on the table, with the purpose of maturely resolving them. You will appreciate the feeling of control over your divorce, the economic advantages of avoiding litigation and the opportunity to act in your child’s best interests.

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