No Fault Dissolution of Marriage in Columbus, Ohio

In Ohio, a marital relationship can be ended by divorce or dissolution. In either case, important issues must be addressed and decisions made, including those affecting division of assets and debts, including the disposition of the marital residence, parental rights and responsibilities, and any family support considerations.

As a committed advocate for her clients, Columbus, Ohio, family law attorney Linda J. Miller is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist with over 20 years practical experience representing individuals and families throughout Franklin and the surrounding counties in Central Ohio.

In a divorce, married couples ask a court to make decisions and resolve their issues. In dissolution, couples decide the issues by agreement. Coming to an agreement isn’t as simple as sitting down at the kitchen table and working things out. Trying to sort out the issues on your own to end a marriage can be confusing, time consuming and stressful, and may result in an unfair agreement regarding:

  • Child Custody
  • Child support
  • Spousal support

Marriage dissolution is intended to be a non-adversarial, “no-fault,” legal proceeding where couples file a joint petition with the court for review and approval. Spouses must resolve all relevant matters in order for the court to terminate the marriage by dissolution.

Attorney Linda J. Miller is experienced in working with clients who wish to resolve their dissolution issues by agreement. She can assist clients in identifying all the issues and priorities to allow them to make informed decisions, while protecting her client’s rights.

If you are considering dissolving your marriage amicably, contact Linda Miller to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss valuable information specific to your individual needs and circumstances.