Separation Agreements

Columbus, Ohio, Separation Agreements Lawyer

As a simple written contract, a separation agreement, sometimes called a property settlement agreement, is used in a divorce to explain a couple’s rights, divide their marital property, and address alimony and child custody issues.

Experienced lawyer, Linda J. Miller is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist assists clients throughout Central Ohio to create separation agreements through her depth of family law knowledge, attentive service and dedication to protecting their rights.

When a couple approaches divorce by avoiding litigation in family court through dissolution of marriage, the separation agreement is the primary document involved. While no agreement will anticipate the specific requirements every couple may have, Linda Miller helps her clients confidently address the important matters that are commonly found in a separation agreement, including:

  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Child Support and
    Spousal Support
  • Marital Assets and Marital Liabilities
  • Issues of education, insurance, taxes and more

With over 20 years of legal experience assisting individuals and families throughout Central Ohio, Linda Miller offers clients throughout Franklin County and surrounding areas practical advice when creating a settlement agreement that protects their rights and best interest. By understanding the laws and processes involved in ending their marriage, clients can make insightful decisions that can help bring greater peace of mind.

For more information on separation agreements in Ohio, contact family law attorney Linda Miller for a confidential consultation to discuss your needs and circumstances.