Mediation: A Dignified Approach to Resolving Family Law Issues

Just because you and your spouse have agreed to divorce does not mean that your problems are over. Actually, they are only beginning. You must come to agreements on critical legal issues such as child support and spousal support, custody, visitation and property division, just to name a few. A divorce mediator is a neutral party who can work with both of you to help you negotiate the terms of your divorce or dissolution without the high emotional and financial costs of litigation. 

If you are considering a healthy, forward-looking mediation of your differences instead of costly litigation, you should speak with attorney Linda J. Miller today.  She will meet with you and your spouse to begin discussions leading to a full agreement of the terms of your dissolution. 

Linda Miller has been practicing family law in Ohio for more than 30 years and is a Board Certified Family Law Specialist. Her full-service divorce and family law office offers the kind of compassion and support that can ease the pain of marriage dissolution. In addition to mediation during divorce proceedings, she also offers pre-divorce and post-divorce mediation. 

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The Advantages Of Mediation

Contested divorces can become contentious and counter-productive. The emotional and financial costs can affect your family for years to come. Mediation is an alternative to contested divorce, offering advantages such as:

  • Keeping you in control of resolutions to your problems
  • Encouraging an honest airing of grievances
  • Saving you money on attorney fees and court costs
  • Establishing a spirit of cooperation you may need for the future

Mediation, including pre-divorce and post-divorce mediation, and the collaborative law process have proven to be effective alternatives to contested divorce for families across Ohio. Attorney Linda Miller can tell you more about family law options during your initial consultation. Call or email her today.

Find Out More During Your Initial Consultation

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